Covid-19 Information

*Update on Tuesday the 31st of March:

The daily briefings are still suggesting that we are not yet near the peak and that we are going to have to expect this to be a long process with the potential of social distancing even after the majority of the pandemic has passed. I will review this information at the beginning of next week and if there is no obvious change, I will be emailing guests with May bookings to rebook them.

* Update on Thursday the 25th of March:

This is just a short message to those who have asked when they can next make a booking for the site. Currently the situation is so uncertain that we are not taking any new bookings until September the 1st. This is a worst case scenario and we are optimistic that we will be reopening in June or July. Please check back here towards the end of this current 3 week lockdown when I will be able to update this information and hopefully bring forward the September date.

Many thanks, Paul

* Update on Monday evening, the 22nd of March:

Dear friends of The Yurt Retreat

Tonights briefing by the Prime minister has now made it very clear that the UK is on lockdown. As such, we will naturally be closing our doors for at least three weeks. It is with heavy hearts that we do this but it is important that we all pay our part in getting as safely as possible to the other side of this virulent disease.

I would like to thank all of our guests who have been patiently navigating this uncertain time with us and will look forward to offering you a wonderful stay again in the near future.

For those guests who are booked for the rest of March and the first half of April, I will be in touch with all of you individually to make alternative arrangements. For those guests booked on holidays starting on Friday the 17th of April or later do feel free to get in touch an discuss your stay.

I will, of course, be keeping abreast of the situation as it evolves and updating this page and getting in touch with any affected guests as and when necessary.

Stay safe and best wishes to all of you at this difficult time.


The Yurt Retreat