Covid-19 Information

Update on Thursday the 26th of November:

The government have now announced the three Tier system coming into play on the 2nd of December and which areas fall into which tiers.

We are in Tier 2 which fortunately means that we are allowed to reopen and offer holidays.

If you are booked to stay with us and you are coming form an area that is in either Tier 1 or 2 we look forward to seeing you.

If you are booked to stay and you are in an area that is in Tier 3 government guidance means you will no longer be able to stay away from home for the night so we will be unable to offer your stay. I will be working through the December bookings and getting in touch with anyone affected and you will be offered to move your booking or have a refund.

Obviously I don’t want to cancel anyones booking, especially not in the run up to Christmas but please do be kind if I have to as I also have to look after the safety of our staff.

Covid cancellation policy September 2020:

With Covid-19 cases now on the rise again here is our updated, simple cancellation policy for your peace of mind:

  • If you are unable to attend your holiday but we are able to provide it we will try to resell your dates and will refund you whatever we resell.
  • If we are not able to provide your holiday ( for instance, if we are locked down again), we will offer to rebook or to refund your stay – whichever you would prefer.



Update on July the 29th 2020:

We have now been accepted for the “Good To Go’ Scheme run by visit Britain. In the absence of any government standard for Covid-19 cleaning and safety planning this is the industry standard and shows that we have suitably risk assessed and are carrying out our changeover according to best practice.

Update on July the 15th 2020:

We are now half way through our second week since our reopening on July the 4th. It has been a steep learning curve with Covid-19 risk assessments, retraining the housekeeping contractors and indeed, myself! It’s very strange to be so busy and to have so many people back at the site but its been heart warming to hear happy holiday stories again after all this time.

For those looking to holiday with us I want to reassure you that we are doing all that we can to keep you safe whilst minimising the impact on your holiday. We now routinely clean every kitchen item, steam clean and disinfect soft furnishings and disinfect every surface we can conceive of guests coming into contact with including blind chains and log basket handles. We have removed a few unnecessary throws and cushions from the properties as well as the information packs which we now email prior to arrival and we do ask that guests strip their beds on departure. I hope that’s a small enough list to ensure you can enjoy your holiday in safety.

Up to this point we have covered the cost of all cancellations and will continue to do so if we are ¬†asked to lockdown again. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!

If you have any queries about our Covid-19 practices don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here:

Do be aware that not all local restaurants, pubs and attractions are open or functioning as usual. If there are any that you particularly like the look of on our ‘About Us‘ page do check their website for details and where possible, book ahead.

I hope that you have a great holiday.


The Yurt Retreat