Autumn upgrades and top 10 reviews

Many thanks to the Bath Chronicle and Absolutely.London their great new reviews. Click on the names to see their articles.

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With some beautiful colours smouldering through the woodland canopy and the Yurts tucked away for Winter, we are busy here on site at The Yurt Retreat making improvements for next year.

We are currently working hard to improve the landscaping around the Yurts with more planting to create a greater sense of privacy. We will have the second of our Yurts refurnished for 2017 to make 2 shabby chic and 2 skandi styles. With all bed linen and towels now included as standard its going to be a great choice for that romantic getaway.


Summer sale! 4 nights for the price 3.

With the height of summer upon us now why not enjoy an extended midweek stay. We are offering 4 night for the price of 3 for all of our remaining midweek stays in August and September.

More time, more relaxation, less cost. Sometimes more is less!

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Summer sale. 4 nights for the price of 3

Start the year well. 15% off all our Yurt holidays for a limited time

advert1With the end of Winter now firmly in sight its finally time to look ahead to the new life and energy of Spring.

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating get away, listen to the incredible dawn chorus and enjoy the lengthening days with us here at The Yurt Retreat.

For a limited time we are offering 15% off any Yurt holiday  so go on, start the year well!

*Just enter the code ‘SPRING16’ when booking any holiday- Offer ends on the 31st of March*

See the Birdhouse come to life

We were lucky enough to catch the last of the summer light with our new video of the Birdhouse.

The Treehouse is our latest addition to the Glamping here at The Yurt Retreat and we thought that the best way to celebrate it’s first season open was to commission the good folks at Fennec films to capture some of the  experience of a stay.

We hope you enjoy!

To see more of Fennec films visit



Taking the Yurts down for the end of the season at The Yurt Retreat

How has it come around so fast?

This time of year always seems to sneak up on us. Suddenly the trees are rushing into their stunning autumnal colours and it’s time to put the Yurts to bed for the winter.

Luckily, this year, we have our new treehouse open until December so there’s still a warm comfy place to tuck yourself away in and watch autumn unfold.

Thanks to all of our guests for making 2015 another great year and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

We thought that it would be fun to make a stop frame movie of the Yurts coming down. I hope that you enjoy it!


Made Unboxed has featured the Birdhouse!

Made Unboxed has featured the BirdHouse Treehouse at The Yurt Retreat! It was a fun day with a photographer sent by Made to capture all of the design features and products that we had used to decorate the Treehouse with. We are pleased with the results and can’t wait for you to see them when you come to stay. And if you love what you see, you can buy some of the furnishings on

Made Unboxed features the Birdhouse.

Made Unboxed features the Birdhouse.

You can see more images on the site and leave a comments by putting in this postcode when you come to the site TA18 7TU. Or you can reach the site by clicking here.

Treehouse featuring the Made companies products.

Treehouse featuring the Made companies products.

Barn Owls come to The Yurt Retreat

Barn Owl House

Barn Owl House

Barn Owls come to The Yurt Retreat!

It has been an interesting time at The Yurt Retreat.  Barn Owls have been in decline as their habitat and food has greatly reduced across the UK. Paul and his brother Andrew set out to create a happy Barn Owl habitat at the farm, which is the home to The Yurt Retreat. Following guidelines they created a house for a breeding pair of Barn Owls.

Putting the Barn Owl House into place

Putting the Barn Owl House into place                                                                                                                                       


Whilst they were looking for a good spot for the house, they saw a Barn Owl nest- which was fantastic news. Making sure they weren’t in the same patch, Paul and Andrew found a magnificent oak tree for the house they had made. You might be able to hear the owls when you visit and stay in one of the Yurts at The Yurt Retreat.