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Barn Owls come to The Yurt Retreat

Barn Owl House

Barn Owl House

Barn Owls come to The Yurt Retreat!

It has been an interesting time at The Yurt Retreat.  Barn Owls have been in decline as their habitat and food has greatly reduced across the UK. Paul and his brother Andrew set out to create a happy Barn Owl habitat at the farm, which is the home to The Yurt Retreat. Following guidelines they created a house for a breeding pair of Barn Owls.

Putting the Barn Owl House into place

Putting the Barn Owl House into place                                                                                                                                       


Whilst they were looking for a good spot for the house, they saw a Barn Owl nest- which was fantastic news. Making sure they weren’t in the same patch, Paul and Andrew found a magnificent oak tree for the house they had made. You might be able to hear the owls when you visit and stay in one of the Yurts at The Yurt Retreat.



Evening meditation

An evening meditation in the last of the Bluebells at the Yurt Retreat. Let the stress of your working week melt away as you listen to the bird song and enjoy the beauty of the bluebells.

If you can’t be with us at The Yurt Retreat this weekend, we thought we would bring the last of the bluebells to you. If this has inspired you to come and stay with us another time, you can look at the live availibility booking page here.

And if you have enjoyed the bird song do check out the Bird House treehouse that is new for this year.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.